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Tennis & Golfer's Elbow

Painting Together

What are the common symptoms and causes?

Both occur when tendons in the elbow are injured due to repetitive or overloaded motions of the arm. People don't necessary have those conditions by playing tennis or golf, it can happen to everyone. Tennis elbow is the inside of the elbow, occurs when moving arms towards the inside, and golfer's elbow is the outside of elbow, occurs when moving arms towards the outside.

How does acupuncture help treat it?


Acupuncture can reduce local muscle swelling and inflammation by inserting needles precisely at the trigger points or sore areas, increase local blood and chemicals circulation by activating acu-points on the body. For acute damage, needles can be used to resolve the knots and tension in the connective tissues immediately and greatly shorten the recovery time. For relative mediate to deep muscle tension and teres, needle is very effective as it can be used to alleviate the pressure deep inside; for acute conditions with stagnation of blood and body liquids due to injury or posture, often those individuals have a hard time moving their arms after the incident, we use acupuncture plus suction tools to eliminate these stasis and muscle tension, individuals will feel a great relief right away.

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